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Summer 2021 ISA FAQ

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Many questions you may have are addressed in the ISA FAQ page here. Please see below for situations specific to summer 2021.

TOC: Summer 2021 Topics

Use of the ISA for summer 2021

Will the ISA be available this summer?

Though it is not yet certain, per the Yale College Dean's Office February 5th announcement, we anticipate that Yale College will return to the polocies defined in the Yale College Travel Policy for summer 2021. As usual, students and the program they propose must be eligible under ISA guidelines. 

PLEASE NOTE: If the Yale College Travel Policy does not allow travel to the proposed country or region on as of April 5th, ISA funding will not be available. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan, particularly because of changing situations, uncertainty, and travel restrictions currently in place across the world.

Can I travel if my original destination becomes eligible for travel after April 5 (according to the Yale College Travel Policy)?

No. This year, the Yale College Travel Policy will be consulted on April 5, 2021 to determine whether or not you may use Yale funding to travel to your proposed destination. If your proposed destination is not permitted onas of April 5, 2021, you may not use Yale funding to travel to this destination during the summer of 2021.

What if the Yale College Travel Policy becomes more restrictive after April 5th, restricting travel to my proposed destination?

If the Yale College Travel Policy does not allow travel to your proposed destination at the time of your intended departure, you may not travel and should contact CIPE immediately. Depending on the circumstances, you may be required to return a portion of your award.

Costs related to covid-19 precautions

Will the ISA help pay for a quarantine stopover in a 3rd country so that I can meet entry requirements in my destination?

No, if there are specific quarantine rules for the country you are proposing to travel to, you should not try to find ways around those. If there are entry restrictions on your destination country that would require excessive time or funding to meet, it may be best not to travel.

If I need to pay a deposit or purchase a plane ticket and then the program and/or ISA is canceled, will Yale or the ISA cover these expenses?

Due to the uncertainty surrounding international travel for summer 2021, students are strongly discouraged from paying deposits or purchasing plane tickets at this time, and should not expect to be reimbursed for these costs as long as Yale’s travel restriction remains in place.


I am a non-US citizen – how does this affect me?  

As always, non-US citizens are eligible for ISA funding but studying abroad may have visa and/or tax implications, particularly this year. Non-US citizens are strongly advised to contact OISS to discuss the nuances of their individual situation and make an informed decision regarding their summer plans.

My residence is outside the U.S. Can I get ISA funding to study in my home country?

No, the ISA is unable to support study experiences in your home country. Home country" is defined as the country of the home address you have on record with the university.

I took a yearlong leave of absence for 2020-21. Can I still apply for an ISA for Summer 2021?

Yes, provided you:

  • Meet all other ISA eligibility requirements
  • Were eligible for a summer 2020 ISA
    • Yale Scholarship amounts from AY 2019-2020 will be used to calculate the 2021 ISA award amount
  • Will return to campus for Fall 2021

I am currently a senior. Can I still request an ISA for Summer 2021?

Students with senior class standing in Summer 2021 who will graduate in December 2021 will be eligible to request a Summer 2021 ISA provided they meet all other eligibility requirements.

See the Policies page for more information.