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Required Reports

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Note: Summer 2019 ISA reports are due on September 1, 2019.

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Why write a report?

The International Study Awards are made possible thanks to the generosity of donors. To recognize their contributions and to help demonstrate to them the profound value of these experiences, we ask that you provide a report on your experiences at the end of the summer. We will share your report with the ISA donors. Writing your ISA report is also a valuable opportunity for you to reflect on your experience abroad, and to think about how the experience will affect your academic, personal, and professional goals moving forward.

What do I say in my report?

Your report should include the following:

  • A brief description of your program or project abroad
  • A brief description of your goals for the experience and whether you are meeting or did meet these goals
  • A more detailed account of your experience and its impact on you both personally and academically
  • Observations you'd like to share about the host country, challenges faced, and things you learned
  • Thank the donor: it is customary to include, in your closing paragraph, a thank you to the donor for supporting your summer project (the thank you should include the name of the specific fund that supported your ISA).
  • At the end of your report, please include a close-up photo of yourself, preferably taken while abroad, as well as a photograph taken during your experience (e.g. a landscape, historical landmark, or other point of interest). You may link to any blogs you kept or other social media where you posted photos in addition to the minimum of two photos pasted to your report.
  • If we do not tell you that a specific donor funded your ISA, your report may be sent to current or possible future donors as a way of encouraging them to consider funding ISAs in the future. In such cases, instead of thanking a donor, you are welcome to thank the ISA program in general.

How do I submit my report?

  1. During the summer, CIPE will send you the report template that you are required to complete.
  2. Enter your information as indicated and add 1-2 pages of additional description (see the prompts) of your summer experience directly into the template document. 
  3. Save the completed report on your computer as a Word document in the following format: "Lastname_Firstname.doc" (please save as a .doc or .docx file). CIPE is unable to accept reports in other file formats, including .pages files.
  4. Upload your ISA report to the ISA report form in your MyCIPE account.

Tip: Please proofread your ISA report before uploading.

When is my report due?

You will be notified early in the summer about this requirement. After this initial notification, you will receive ONE courtesy reminder to complete the report, following the completion of your international experience. The final date for submission of this report is September 1.

What happens if I do not submit my report on time?

Any or all of the following consequences may occur:

  • Failure to submit the ISA report by the deadline may result in being asked to return the ISA funds.
  • Failure to submit the ISA report by the deadline may affect your competitiveness for other study, internship, volunteer, research, or fellowship opportunities administered through the Center for International and Professional Experience.
  • Your case may be sent to ExComm.

What if I have to complete multiple reports?

In addition to the ISA report, some students may be required to complete other program reports, or reports to donors sponsoring a fellowship that they received. Please address your ISA report to the specific donor who is sponsoring your ISA. You will be given this information with plenty of time to write your report.