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Required Reports

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Note: ISA Reports are due on September 15

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Why write a report?

Completing this report is a valuable opportunity for you to reflect on your experience abroad, and to think about how the experience will affect your academic, personal, and professional goals moving forward. The International Study Award is made possible thanks to the generosity of donors. To recognize their contributions and to help demonstrate to them the profound value of these experiences, we ask that you provide a report on your experiences at the end of the summer by completing the "(ISA) End of Program Report". We will share parts of your report with the ISA donors and may use some of your information or photos on the ISA website. Please email if you have concerns about using your information on the website. 

Where do I submit my report?

You'll submit the report on your MyCIPE account. It is called "(ISA) End of Program Report". 

What's on the report?

The report on MyCIPE will guide you through the information that you need to include. Write at least a few sentences for each question and at maximum two paragraphs for each question. You will be asked to upload a photo of yourself during the experience as well as a photo that you think does a good job representing your experience. 

When is my report due?

The report is due September 15, 2023.

What happens if I do not submit my report on time?

Any or all of the following consequences may occur:

  • Failure to submit the ISA report by the deadline may result in being asked to return the ISA funds.
  • Failure to submit the ISA report by the deadline may affect your competitiveness for other study, internship, volunteer, research, or fellowship opportunities administered through the Center for International and Professional Experience.
  • Your case may be sent to ExComm.