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Covering the Funding Gap

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Why might I have a shortfall?

All students, including those on 100% aid, will likely need to pay at least some money out of pocket to fully fund their summer experience. Some of the most common reasons that students need to raise funds beyond their ISA stipend include:

  • Student not on 100% Yale Scholarship: ISA stipends are calculated individually based on a student's Aid Percentage multipled by the relevant Program Budget. This means that a student with 70% aid particiating in a program with a stipend budget of $10,000 should plan to contribute approximately $3,000 toward their summer experience.
  • Actual cost exceeds ISA budgeted amount: Since some budget items (e.g. airfare) are based on averages, actual costs may vary depending on individual circumstances (e.g. departure location and date). Except in extenuating circumstances, these overages are the responsibility of the student. Students may petition for additional funding if they believe that the cost beyond the budgeted amount meets this criteria.
  • Desire for additional experiences while abroad: ISA stipends are intended to help cover the basic costs required to successfully complete a student's summer course(s). While many students elect to participate in extracurricular activities while abroad, such as day trips or restaurant meals, the ISA is unable to provide a stipend for these expenses.

Note: This list is not comprehensive. It is intended as a planning tool to assist students in anticipating the amount of funding they will need beyond their ISA stipend.

How to cover a funding gap

If a student's International Study Award does not cover the full cost of their program abroad, the student is responsible for paying the balance. Some possible sources of funding include:

  • Student's own funds (Search Student Employment or New Haven Register Classifieds)
  • Parent/guardian funds
  • Fellowships: Funding for study abroad experiences may be available through Yale fellowships (search for fellowships in the Student Grants Database) and external fellowship sources (browse list of outside scholarships). Note: students receiving fellowship funding for an ISA-supported experience must report the fellowship to CIPE by emailing
  • Student loans (Contact Undergraduate Financial Aid)