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What is Eligible?

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Supported Programs

The International Study Award is open to eligible students participating in summer study experiences outside the U.S. that fall into one of the following categories:

TOC: ISA-Supported Experience Categories

Date: Individual program deadlines vary! It is important that students submit all materials by their respective deadlines. While the final deadline to submit the ISA request in your pre-departure forms is May 1, most program application components are due much earlier in the spring semester. The ISA cannot be granted to students who have not completed all of their eligible summer study program's application components by the program's deadline. 

Students are responsible for meeting all applicable program and ISA deadlines.

Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad 

All Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad are eligible for ISA funding, including programs with a New Haven component. Students using an ISA to participate in Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad that begin in New Haven will be eligible for free on-campus housing and meal plan for that period. Students must complete the application for their desired program and request to use the ISA on the ISA pre-departure form in order to receive an ISA stipend.

Yale in London

Yale in London summer courses are eligible for ISA funding. Students must complete the application for their desired program and request to use the ISA on the ISA pre-departure form in order to receive an ISA stipend.

Approved Non-Yale Summer Abroad Programs

Students electing to participate in Non-Yale Summer Abroad programs can select from a list of programs designated as eligible for Yale transfer credit or petition for approval with Yale Study Abroad. All students participating in Non-Yale Summer Abroad programs must apply directly to their program for admission, to Yale Study Abroad for credit approval, and indicate that they wish to use their ISA on the ISA pre-departure form.

The ISA can support up to two sessions of a Non-Yale Summer Abroad program:

The combined sessions must meet all of the following criteria (note that this criteria only applies to combined sessions, not single sessions of a Non-Yale Summer Abroad Program):

  • The sessions are for the same program in the same location and occur back-to-back. Exception given to programs that require students to be in two different locations as part of an integral learning experience, such as comparative programs in health and other disciplines.
  • The total duration of the combined sessions is at least 8 weeks with a minimum of 4 weeks per session (with the exception of LSE - see below).
  • The sessions are approved by Yale Study Abroad for 1 transfer credit per session (for a maximum of 2 transfer credits).
  • If a student chooses to do three back-to-back sessions of an approved Study Abroad program, they can only receive the ISA for sessions 1 and 2 or 2 and 3, and would need to transfer back one credit from each of the sessions that the ISA is covering.

Note: Note that students participating in the London School of Economics' Summer School must enroll in two back-to-back 3-week sessions and complete each course by earning a final grade in order to use ISA funding. The ISA cannot be used to fund a single 3-week session or courses that are not completed for a grade. The courses taken must be eligible for credit, 1 credit per session for a total of 2 credits.

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