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Who is Eligible?

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Student Eligibility Requirements

The International Study Award is open to students who are participating in eligible programs and who:

  • are first-year students, sophomores, or juniors in Yale College*
  • receive a Yale Scholarship for the award year preceding their summer experience*
  • have not received an ISA before, or who returned ISA funding in full before starting an experience in a previous summer
  • do not intend to use the ISA for an experience in their home country. "Home country" is defined as the country of the home address you have on record with the university. Students with a United States home address are still able to use the ISA to fund Yale Summer Session Abroad programs with New Haven components.
  • complete all required application materials before their respective deadlines

Students who do not receive Yale Scholarship due to receiving funding from an outside source (such as the government of their home country or the ROTC) and Eli Whitney students should contact Nicole Rothfuss (nicole.rothfuss@yale.edu) to find out about their aid eligibility.

Tip: *Please review our Policies page for information about special circumstances regarding eligibility.

Check your Percent Eligibility

Students who receive Yale financial aid can find out what their percentage award will be on the Student Information System:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the Financial Aid Menu
  3. Click on International Study Award Calculator at the bottom